The Dangers of Horseback Riding

Wed 22 February 2017


At some point when you were a child you probably dreamed of becoming a cowboy or at least ride a horse. You may not necessarily want to become a professional horseback riding racer where rich people can bet their money on but sometime in the past, you’ve had that dream of riding on your own horse. Riding on a horse seems like a very nice idea but the dangers associated with it are also very serious and can lead to irreversible injuries, disabilities and even death. There are a safe way and a safe method to engage in sports safely. If you are into horseback riding or planning to get into it, here are the risks that you should be aware of.

Back Injuries

When you run or when you jog, the moment your foot hits the ground it creates a force that travels to your weight bearing joints such as your knees, hip, and back. The same goes when you are horseback riding. The impact of the horse’s feet hitting the ground travels to your hips then to your back. Prolonged exposure to this type of force can lead to issues with the spine such as spondylitis and slipped discs. Proper positioning and maintenance of equipment can help prevent these issues. Stores such as provide maintenance products needed for everyday horseback riding needs.

Accident Related Injuries

Have you ever heard of celebrities or ordinary people having fractures and sprains and suffering the lifelong effects of an irreversible disability because of falling over while horseback riding? If you haven’t then you clearly have not done your research about this sport. Preventing these types of incidents involves regular maintenance of your tack or your saddle. Friction is what keeps you anchored and it’s what prevents you from slipping out of your saddle. Products you can get at help maintain the integrity of your saddle to prevent you from falling over. More than the equipment maintenance that prevents injuries, it is important that you keep a healthy physical and mental state when horseback riding.

Animal Aggression

A horse has more powerful sets of muscles compared to humans. This enables them to run long distances while carrying your weight. Animals no matter how long they have been domesticated can become really unpredictable. Though aggression from domesticated horses is uncommon they can still happen. When horses are subjected to stress and confronted with an unfamiliar environment they can become aggressive. It is important to remain calm if your horse becomes aggressive. A single kick in your chest can break your sternum and lead you to die of internal bleeding. Remaining calm while trying to figure out a solution, will allow you to get through the incident in one piece.

There are dangers and risks associated with a lot of things that you want to do. Even sleeping too much has its own risks. The risks should not stop you from doing things that you want but it should be there to remind you to exercise caution and to always be focused.