What Your Vet Will Want You to Know About Pet Care

Wed 23 March 2016

Caring for your pet is an essential thing to do as a pet owner. You might think that it is a little confusing, but you just have to rely on your vet to get more things done. You can make your cat friends and dog companions happy and healthy if you follow the pet care tips coming from reliable pet health specialists. Here are the things that your reliable vet from www.worcestervets.co.uk would want to know about.


First of all, your vet will require you to go for regular examinations. Regular exams are actually vital in ensuring that your pet companion is in good condition. If there are symptoms showing, the vet can check them out and prevent them from aggravating your pet further. Regular exams can actually prevent the development of arthritis, toothaches, and heart problems. The vet can catch them at an early stage.


Spaying or neutering the pet is highly recommended. You do not want to add to the number of pets that are added in the animal shelters every year. There are some who ended up in the shelter because they have been lost, abandoned, and even homeless. If you want to avoid adding to the said number, then spay or neuter your pets. Your vet can spay or neuter your pet as early as six to eight weeks of age.


The vet also wants you to prevent parasites. For external parasites that can inflict suffering to your pet, the most common one is the fleas. If these fleas are left alone, then this will lead to hair loss, irritated skin, infection, and hot spots. Internal parasites can include tapeworms. One pet in the house suffering from parasites can eventually spread out to the other pets.


Maintain the healthy weight of the dog or cat. You must never let the dog or cat become obese or overweight. Obesity is the same was as it would be to humans. There are numerous health issues and risks that come from being obese and these include cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. Avoid overfeeding the pets. You will be extending your pet's lifespan that way.


You should get your pet vaccinated regularly at the www.riversidevets.com vet clinic. The vaccination is taken for optimal pet health. Regular vaccinations can be used against common ailments like distemper, canine hepatitis, feline leukemia, and rabies. Ask the vet just how often it is necessary to get immunization for the pet companion. It might depend on their health, lifestyle, age, or risk.


The vet highly recommends that you ID microchip the pet. This is for the sake of putting an identification on your pet. The lack of identification is one of the many reasons why pet cannot find their way back home when they get lost. Microchipping is what allows the dog or cat to be reunited with its human family after getting lost, regardless of the distance the pet and family has been separated by.


Pay attention to the pet's dental care. Pets suffer from instances of tooth loss, tooth pain, and gum disease too. Regular brushing and dental cleaning are essential to maintaining healthy and strong teeth.